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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Food For Thought

The quote below was taken from an article titled "It's a Fight for Survival - Pull Out All Stops" posted in the Los Angelos Times on May 12th written by Bruce Herschenson.

It applies to the US, thousands of miles away from Iraq, and it definately applies to Israel as well.

It says everything I have been saying (sounding very extreme and fanatic - which you all know I'm not) in a very profound way...

"Our victory in World War II was not achieved by trying to win the hearts and minds of Germans and Japanese. We did not dominate the newsreels with pictures of those things a few American troops did to captured enemies. Instead of all that, we bombed our enemies to submission with all the power and weaponry we had available.",1,7863582.story

My little addition - Think about what the world, and Jewry, might be like today if the Allies did NOT bomb Germany and Japan to submission. Back then there also were innocent German and Japanese civilians who were not all evil.

Food for thought.......................................

May humanity quickly return to 100% believing in its fight for the value of life instead of doubting itself and easily surrendering to the despicable ones who value death and martyrdom, may we all assist in developing Isreal to be a light unto the nations, as we should be doing, and may we all have a Shabbat Shalom.