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Sunday, May 30, 2004

How Silly We Are

What Europe Wants (From Israel)

There are so many Jews who honestly believe, deep in their hearts, that as long as Israel does what is necessary - gives in to world pressures, leaves its biblical heartland, expels Jews from their homes or anything else that it is pressured to do - that the world will get off our backs, allow us to live peacefully and allow us to defend ourselves from our enemies on the other side of an internationally "approved" border (sic).

How silly are they?

Don't they read between the lines when they read the news? Don't they listen to what world personalities are actually saying - verbatim? The truth of the matter is that many of these world personalities do not want us here!

No border changes, expulsions or house destroying will appease our global friends. The Arabs don't want us here, the Europeans don't want us here, the liberals don't want us here etc. I could go on.

Don't the Jews see that the reason we are not wanted here is because we symbolize a return of the chosen people to the Holyland? The Holyland being run and lead by the one and only chosen people!

Don't they see that this is the basis of all the animosity towards us.

So lets say that we leave Gaza. Lets even say that we leave Yehuda and Shomron. We even leave half of Jerusalem!! Do these Jews really think that we will be left in peace?

What it boils down to is that in order for us to succeed here in the Holy Land we must act like the chosen people who are supposed to inherit this Holyland.

We are currently acting like imposters - exactly as our enemies say - and we are unable to stand up to others because we can't even look ourselves in the mirror and recognize who we are and why we are here!!

We are weak in our national character, weak in our national resolve and weak in our own identity!!!

Of course the world is pressuring us to give it all up, we are in the perfect position to actually do it!!

But the situation does not have to be so bleak.

The solution to our situation lies very nearby - within each and everyone of us.

The sooner we realize who we are as a people and why we are supposed to live in this Holyland (after realizing that we ARE supposed to be living in this land and moving here), the sooner we will be able to poo-poo the anti-semitic/anti-Israel attitude of so many of our global "friends".

It is at that point in time that we will gain the fear and respect of our global "friends" to be able to live in the Holyland in true peace. Not a peace based on promises and signatures on a piece of paper, but a peace based on upholding common holy values of life, respect and a true eternal appreciation and love for the world's creator and creations.

As Chazal teaches us - true peace will only come tothe world when we have true peace in the Holyland.


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