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Monday, May 31, 2004

Here Comes the Cavalry....
Prominent US Jews, Israel blamed for start of Iraq War

The heat is about to be turned up on Israel to do anything to make the world a safer place (sic). It's just that the things we will be asked to do will do just the opposite!!

How sad that US Jews will now start to hear more and more anti-Israel, anti-Jewish sentiments from their own countrymen, their own public servants.

The anti-Israel, anti-Jewish public statements and write-ups in the press that we have taken for granted as coming from Europe will now start coming more and more from the US.

Things might get a little uncomfortable for US Jews.

When will they realize that they really don't belong there? When will they realize that the most realistic solution for peace (in the world and in Israel) is actually if they pick up, move to Israel, and help us make Israel into the moral bedrock of society that it is supposed to be. Then and only then will true peace develop. That is pragmatism and that is reality. All the band-aid/diplomatic solutions forced upon us are not realistic and not pragmatic, they are forced appeasement and they will only prolong the period of terrorism in Israel and around the world - because appeasement does not work, not in the short run or in the long run.

Help us bring true peace by coming home and helping us make Israel into the society it is supposed to be.

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